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The Kenyah's Naturals Story...
      Kenyah's Naturals was started simply because I wanted to go "Natural"! To do this I wanted to learn everything I could about natural hair. So I did some research. I had been putting any and everything in my hair for years. The product labels promised all these excellent results and If it smelled good and came in a pretty bottle, I purchased it. Poor choice... Over time, I began to experience some serious breakage and even a dead spot in my scalp where hair just would not grow! So I went out shopping and started doing something I had never done before. I turned those pretty bottles around and started to read the ingredient labels... What a reality check! Some of the hair products contain Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), dimethicone, paraben preservatives, mineral oil and alcohol! I stood there in the cosmetics department and thought of how long my family and I had been using these products. I personally used these products all my life. These harmful chemicals were in my shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and many other products. I knew then that I had to use natural products. So I stated to look at the brands that used natural preservatives and ingredients. I was pleased with what I found however, the PRICES were astronomical! I decided to look into making my own. When I did it, I took pictures and posted them on popular social networking sites and my friends and followers loved it! My friend Sienna Marie Janvier asked, "So how much?" I gave it some thought and decided that I would offer my products at prices that would be affordable for everyone! The rest is history in the making... 


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